National Trade
Register Office

Establishments, Company dissolutions

  • Establishments SRL / PFA / SA
  • Opening / liquidating work points;
  • Opening / extension of the registered office;
  • Company suspensions / company reactivation after suspension;

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Înființări, Desființări firme

  • Infiintari SRL / PFA  / SA
  • Deschidere / lichidare puncte de lucru;
  • Deschidere / prelungire sediu social;
  • Suspendari firme / reactivare firma dupa suspendare;

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Setting up a company has been and remains a problem. You heard that this is not the case elsewhere, you may or may not be able to verify this, you are now here and you need a solution.

Here we intervene VinciAdomean with 18 years of experience in setting up and advising new companies we help you with expertise and advice.

Opening or liquidating a point of view is a problem that, even if it seems simple, takes up valuable time.

VinciAdomean takes care of this for you too.

Maybe you want to set up a simple PFA doesn’t seem complicated and yet, if you turn to VinciAdomean you will find more than one service provider, a real advisor and friend.

A joint stock company is a very serious matter anyway and few would indulge in this without training and knowledge of legislation.

That is why in this situation it is advisable to turn to us at VinciAdomean, we can explain this concept to you but we can also build on the legislation that regulates this field.

The American, European and Romanian legislation are different in terms of standards that apply to entities such as: assets or liabilities of a company, investments, shareholders, customers or rights and obligations.

You need an approval for your company, maybe you want to change or modify or even change the field of activity or just check if you fall into the category of activities you are targeting.

Do not venture alone in this jungle of standards, exceptions, regulations and deadlines. Call on us for quality, professional and dedicated consulting.

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