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3 methods by which you can find out the costs of our services

Tarife practicate

3 metode prin care poți să aflii care sunt costurile aferente servicilor noastre

Call a specialist

Many things are resolved through direct discussions between people. But many prefer to first have an overview of tariffs and prices and then, depending on them, to get in direct contact with the potential provider.

If you still want to talk to a specialist before making a decision, especially since consulting services can be difficult to quantify in dedicated time or results obtained, call (daily between 8:00 and 18:00) and you will receive the most professional answers.

Complete the form

What are the areas in which we can help you? The form will help you to order your ideas and to receive a clear and punctual answer.

See the price list

Our company offers you competitive rates and the possibility to choose from a wide range of services and prices. The price includes complete services, so you will not do anything, except to bring the documents once a month, or if you want to tell us when to come and collect them.

• Payroll services are charged separately and are included in the monthly accounting subscription.

• Human resources services are separated from both accounting and payroll.

We can collect accounting documents in the period 01-10 of the current month for the previous month. You can personally ask the courier to pick up the documents on the date indicated by you, this way you save time and money, and the documents will arrive to us in a timely and safe manner.

⇒ Monthly activity report
A report for managers. A powerful financial instrument that gives you a quick global view and is meant to help you organize your own resources.

Balance included in the price.
Both annual balance sheets are included, as appropriate.

Unlimited customer support by phone or email.
Immediate response time in case of simple requests, such as issuing certificates, sending balance, answering email consulting, taking phone calls, etc.

Carrying out all accounting and salary operations, imposed by the laws in force.

⇒ Accounting prices
The price in accounting is made by analyzing the activity of our clients from 2 aspects:
1. The complexity of the company and here we analyze, VAT payer or not, the form of taxation, whether or not it has employees, how many bank accounts there are and in what currency, import or export, intra-community acquisitions / deliveries, environmental declarations, stocks, etc. .

2 . The volume of accounting documents, namely the total of these documents in which we include the number of transactions in the bank statement, cash registers, incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, etc.

The complexity of a company is defined by its segment or activity:

→ Provision of services

→ Trade

→ Production

A company can have all 3 forms or only one or only two of them. The higher the complexity, the higher the accounting price.

⇒ Prices for authorized individuals
Our prices start from 200 lei for non-VAT payer and with service activity.
For the VAT payer, the price starts from 300 lei with the activity of providing services.
The prices do not differ if the authorized natural person is in the real system or on the income norm.

We do not charge customers according to turnover !!!
⇒ Balance sheet preparation and certification rates
400 lei price / piece
Free annual balance sheet for companies older than 6 months.

⇒ Indicative prices
Dividend declaration – 100 lei
Car tax return – 100 lei
Declaration of working point without fiscal obligations at the financial administration – 300 lei
Fiscal attestation certificate – 50 + taxes (100 lei if there are problems in the payer’s file)
Assistance and solution of VAT refund request – 400 lei after refund
Statement to the environmental fund – 100 lei
Registration for VAT purposes – as a result of exceeding the exemption limit – 60,000 euros / 300,000 lei – 300 lei
These prices are not intended for companies with foreign shareholders. In the case of these companies, the tariffs are higher and are set separately!

ACCOUNTING: accounting fees, accounting fees U.M.

CONTABILITATE: tarife contabilitate, tarife evidenta contabilaTARIFU.M.
  Pentru firmele nou infiintate100 leiluna
1Intre 0 – 50 inregistrari contabile / luna100 leiluna
2Intre 51 – 100 inregistrari contabile / luna300 leiluna
3Intre 101 – 150 inregistrari contabile / luna500 leiluna
4Intre 151 – 200 inregistrari contabile / luna600 leiluna
5Intre 201 – 300 inregistrari contabile / luna700 leiluna
6Intre 301 – 400 inregistrari contabile / luna800 leiluna
7Intre 401 – 500 inregistrari contabile / luna900 leiluna
8Intre 501 – 600 inregistrari contabile / luna1000 leiluna
9Intre 601 – 700 inregistrari contabile / luna1.100 leiluna
10Intre 701 – 800 inregistrari contabile / luna1.200 leiluna
11Intre 801 – 900 inregistrari contabile / luna1.300 leiluna
12Intre 901 – 1000 inregistrari contabile / luna1.400 leiluna
14Peste 1000 inregistrari contabile / lunanegociabilluna
15Pentru firmele fara activitate50 leiluna
16Intocmire si certificare situatii anuale – bilanturigratuitbuc.
17Intocmire si depunere dosar TVA300 leibuc.
1Expertize contabile (se calculeaza functie de complexitatea lucrarii)negociabilbuc.
1Resurse umane si salarizare (include servicii complete)50 leisalariat
2Dosar personalgratuitsalariat
3Contract muncagratuitsalariat
4Draft regulament interiorde la 150 leisalariat
5Realizare regulament interiorde la 150 leisectie
8Asiguram asistenta in cazul controalelor de la ITM( pentru clientii nostri)gratuitsocietate
1Infiintari firme500 leibuc.
2Infiintari firme SRL-D500 lei+taxebuc.
3Deschidere punct de lucru300 lei+taxebuc.
4Prelungire durata punct de lucru300 lei+taxebuc.
5Inchidere punct de lucru300 lei+taxebuc.
6Prelungire durata sediu social300 lei+taxebuc.
7Schimbare sediu social300 lei+taxebuc.
8Schimbare denumire firma300 lei+taxebuc.
9Prelungire durata functionare firma – toate etapele300 lei+taxebuc.
10Adaugare obiecte de activitate300 lei+taxebuc.
11Modificare obiecte de activitate300 lei+taxebuc.
12Radiere obiecte de activitate300 lei+taxebuc.
13Majorare / Diminuare capital social300 lei+taxebuc.
14Cesiune parti sociale400 lei+taxebuc.
15Numire / Revocare administrator300 lei+taxebuc.
16Actualizare date300 lei+taxebuc.
17Autorizare activitati300 lei+taxebuc.
18Suspendare / Reluare activitate firma500 lei+taxebuc.
19Dizolvare / Lichidare voluntara – toate etapele500 lei+taxebuc.
20Corectare erori materiale300 lei+taxebuc.
21Certificate constatatoare150 lei+taxebuc.
22Alte operatiuninegociabilbuc.
NOTA : Preturile nu contin taxele de timbru, taxele ONRC, taxe notariale, capitalul social, patromoniu etc.
1Consultanta financiar contabila si fiscala (pentru firmele client)GRATUITluna
2Consultanta financiar contabila si fiscala100 leiora
1Consultanta juridica (pentru firmele client)GRATUITluna
2Consultanta juridica150 leiora
1Mediere (se negociaza in functie de specificul activitatii si nevoile firmei)negociabilbuc.

Use this price calculator to get an overview and quick overview of the expenses involved in our assistance

If you want to have all the informative materials regarding the tariffs practiced by us in physical format, download them in PDF format by accessing the link below. Success

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